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At one time our website contained a database of tombstone records for Pike County, Mississippi through 1977; however due to problems beyond our control, we had to change websites and chose to support Find A Grave instead of keeping a separate database.  Our members have tried to verify that the information from the old cemeteries, especially those that were no longer being used and may have been lost since the 1977 survey, has been added to Find A Grave.

Ancestry.com now owns Find A Grave which bodes well for its future.  Check out the website at www.findagrave.com.  If there’s an old Pike County cemetery missing from their database, use the link under our Contacts page to let us know.

Also, information on cemeteries in Mississippi is available through the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson.  Their website is www.mdah.state.ms.us.  Once online, select the link “catalog” and then choose cemetery.  The index is by county and will list all cemeteries in each county. This list will give you the location in the Archives where you can find the specific info for that cemetery.

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